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The Hardest Day 75th Anniversary

August 18th, 1940 is remembered as the "The Hardest Day" of the Battle of Britain during WW2. That day the Luftwaffe launched an all out offensive on Fighter Command of the Royal Air Force. The Luftwaffe flew a total of 970 sorties compared to 927 by RAF Fighter Command. Both sides sustained more aircraft losses than on any other day of the Battle of Britain. Based at Biggin Hill Airport in the UK Black Star is pleased today to support 'The Hardest Day Dinner' being held at Rizonjet in memory of the historic actions of that day.  

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Facebook Aquilla UAV

Black Star clothing celebrates our aviation heritage and invokes the endeavours, innovation, adventures, bravery, romance and ingenuity of the pilots, flight crew, engineers and designers of heroic aircraft. Today that spirit of aerospace engineering is very much alive and kicking - just take a look at the Aquilla solar powered UAV project being undertaken by Facebook as part of their initiative.  

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