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Established 2015

Lysander Polo Shirt

£55.00 GBP

Westland Lysander Mk III (Special Duties)

Named after a Spartan Admiral, the Lysander was operated on clandestine night operations by RAF 161 (Special Duties) Squadron to insert secret agents behind enemy lines during WW2.

They were specially adapted with a fixed ladder on the port (left) side to allow quick access to the rear cockpit. Together with a long range 150 gallon (682 litre) fuel tank, the Lysander's STOL (Short Take Off & Landing) abilities made it ideally suited to operating from short, rough fields.

Matte black Lysanders operated during the 'moon period' - the two weeks either side of a full moon. This was to aide navigation which was mainly by dead reckoning using a map and compass.

161 (SD) Squadron was based at top secret RAF Tempsford in Bedfordshire , relocating to a forward operating base at RAF Tangmere on the south coast during the moon period.

  • 3 separate embroidered badges, front, right & left sleeve
  • Embroidered neck braid featuring designer R J Mitchell & Pilot J Boothman
  • Internal detailing featuring 'Operation Battering Ram'
  • Hem tag
  • Riveted side vents
  • Designer swing tag with fold out map of Landing Zone GIDE
  • 95% cotton 5% elastane
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Pique 220gsm

For a relaxed fit please order one size up.

Watch video of Lysander Landing Zone Gide / Operation Battering Ram: