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  • 303 Squadron Memorial 5km Run

    Oct 19 2019

    303 Squadron Memorial 5km Run: Saturday, 19th October 2019 Black Leader succesfully completed the inaugral 5km 303 Squadron Memorial Run...

  • Dambuster Jonny Johnstone Signs Limited Editions

    May 09 2019

    Jonny Johnstone signing the Black Star Linited Edition 'Dambusters' Tee Shirt. Black Star were delighted to support Fly2Help at their 20...

  • Lysander Landing Site Video

    Jan 06 2017

    In October 2016 whilst researching our Lysander design we flew down to the Loire Valley in France to find the actual site of secret Land...

  • Black Star 'Birdman' Flying Jacket Launches ...

    May 15 2016

          ... only joking. Dropped into the Stow Maries fly-in with the Black Star Turbo Arrow and took inspiration from some of the garment...

  • Facebook Aquilla UAV

    Jul 31 2015

    Black Star clothing celebrates our aviation heritage and invokes the endeavours, innovation, adventures, bravery, romance and ingenuity o...